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All about Ozone Treatment

Ozone (also known as active oxygen) is commonly known as a pollutant, but it is essential to life on earth as a protective layer over our planet. The special composition of Ozone – it consists only of oxygen atoms – medicine uses this to its advantage.


► Ozone therapy – a safe and riskless healing method

A patient is treated with an Oxygen-Ozone mixture during an Ozone therapy. The properly applied Ozone therapy is riskless. Ozone cannot leak and therefore not be inhaled. There are very seldom and if, only minor side effects. An Ozone therapy should not be applied short after a heart attack or an apoplectic stroke, during hyperthyroidism and when taking specific medications. (Read More)


All about Acne and its Treatment

Acne – Skin inflammation

Skin inflammation is normal and is generally treatable. You may require treatment for a while to clear spots. Excited skin inflammation should be dealt with ahead of schedule to anticipate scarring. Once the spots are gone, you may require support treatment for quite a while to keep the spots away.

What is skin break out and who gets it?

Skin breakout is the basic reason for spots. The vast majority with skin break out are matured in the vicinity of 12 and 25, however, some more established and more youthful individuals are influenced. Young men are more generally influenced than young ladies. Skin breakout generally influences the face, however, may likewise influence the back, neck, and trunk. The seriousness can run from mellow to extreme. Around 8 in 10 young people build up some level of skin break out. Frequently it is mellow. In any case, it is assessed that 3 in 10 young people have skin break out sufficiently awful to need treatment to anticipate scarring. Untreated skin inflammation more often than not keeps going around 4-5 years before settling. Be that as it may, it can keep going for a long time now and again. (Read More...)



What is Ozone Therapy?

Detoxification & Rejuvenation Services

Among pros, ozone treatment is at this point completely settled as a restorative treatment, with demonstrated conventions and a colossal measure of research information behind it that backings its suitability. It is typically conveyed as a blend of 95-97% unadulterated restorative review oxygen in addition to 3-5% ozone to recuperate a wide range of diseases. A doctor prepared in the suitable procedures, or conveyance modes, can apply it either as the essential or as an extra type of treatment. Ozone treatment is absolutely regular. It includes no outsider, peculiar particles into your circulation system – just those that were inadequate. One of ozone treatment’s fundamental benefits is exhibited by the way that it can reinforce a significant number of the body’s own particular practical frameworks, starting at the littlest level: that of the cell. Ozone treatment incredibly helps cell wellbeing.(Read More)



Glutathione: A Benefit of Skin Whitening

In case you’re similar to the vast majority you’ve never known about Glutathione, be that as it may, Glutathione is entirely prevalent in Asian nations like Japan and China, especially with ladies.

Glutathione is normally utilized for skin brightening, and as an item, that is the place it truly sparkles in any case, it can be extremely useful with various other skin issues too.

In case you’re thinking about utilizing skin brightening items however you’re anxious about potential reactions, you ought to give Glutathione some thought. It’s compelling with regards to brightening the skin rapidly, and it’s generally viewed as a protected approach to brighten the skin. (Read More)