Ozone Therapy

March 12, 2017 admin


Ozone is good for you when the ozone directly goes in the body, of the blood, not when you inhale it. When directly infused into the blood it kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and helps your system to rid itself of diseased cells (including cancer cells). Once ozone enters into the body during a treatment, it instantaneously converts into hydrogen peroxide and lipid peroxides.


By thus stimulating the antioxidant system of the body, it eliminates many disease-causing pathogens. Among specialists, ozone therapy is by now fully established as a medical treatment, with proven protocols and a huge amount of research data behind it that supports its viability. It has been used in medicine, in many countries in many different clinical situations for over 80 years. In prevention, ozone therapy is extremely refreshing. It acts like an instant energizer.

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