Body Work

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The body only works well with the right kind of food. It needs water. It needs to move. Finally, the body also needs to be touched in appropriate ways. For better health and sanity, being touched is one of our essential needs.


Bodywork is the term, we use for massage. And yes, receiving a massage always gives a general sense of wellbeing and being cared for. However, for deeper healing in integrative medicine more than pampering is needed. Hence the term: bodywork.


It infers that the types of massages used at We Care n Heal are a precise therapeutic application. Bodywork reaches way beyond the domain of mere and imprecise coddling. As for bodywork, therapeutic massage can become an art – both for the therapist and for the client as enjoyable an experience as it is deeply nourishing and healing.


Besides, therapeutic touch acts as a tonic to brain function and facilitates the overall responsiveness and flexibility of the nervous system.

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