21 Days Detox

March 12, 2017 admin

21 Days Detox

The program provides thorough detoxification at the cellular and organ level, cleansing your liver, kidney, lungs, skin, lymph, and connective tissue.


Another appropriate name for it would be the Burnout Buster!


It was designed with the intention to provide a complete ‘spring-cleaning’ for body and mind – and is very successful with it, too. Its action is twofold as it combines the power of disease prevention with the power of rejuvenation.


Ozone and chelation sessions support and reinforce each in their in-depth cleansing action at the cellular level, eliminating both organic and inorganic waste from the system. Rectal Insufflation and suggestions for diet modification help accelerate the process of elimination. Appropriate supplementation replenishes and rebalances the various micronutrients necessary for higher energy levels.


This is our most comprehensive program, short of an individual treatment course prescribed for healing a particular ailment.


It is meant especially for the many ‘walking ill’ from the concrete jungles of our modern urban environment: those feeling low in energy generally fatigued or, suffering from frequent allergies, flues, indigestion and a general and inexplicable sense of malaise – yet without a clear pathology.


In the course of the 21 days you will receive:

  • Consultation of specialists-doctor.
  • Live blood cell analysis before and after the program.
  • 4 OZONE THERAPY sessions.
  • 3 OZONE RECTAL insufflations.
  • 2 I/V-BOOSTER of Antioxidant Therapy.
  • 1 glass of freshly ozonized water per session.
  • 2 BODYWORK SESSIONS from our experienced therapists.