10 Day Detox

March 12, 2017 admin

This is our most popular program – and unique worldwide. Out of time constraints, most clients choose the 10-Day format. If you have more time, we suggest you give it to yourself. The program helps you free yourself of the toxic burden from the top down. It will thereby create some of the conditions essential for vibrant health. As the oxygen level in each and, every cell of your body is increasing, the result is that you likewise are feeling cleansed and empowered for living life with greater ease. Your entire system is again clean enough to receive and make use of real nourishment, while improvement in digestion and other chronic conditions can also be expected. The 10-Day program is short yet effective. You will feel invigorated.


In the course of the 10 days, you will receive

  • Consultation of specialists-doctor.
  • Live blood cell analysis before and after the program.
  • 4 OZONE THERAPY sessions.
  • 3 OZONE RECTAL insufflations.
  • 2 I/V-BOOSTER of Antioxidant Therapy.
  • 1 glass of freshly ozonized water per session.
  • NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTATION.2 BODYWORK SESSIONS from our experienced therapists.
  • 2 BODYWORK SESSIONS from our experienced therapists.