Ortho Treatment and Regerative Orthopaedics

March 12, 2017 admin


We Care & Heal clinic has the mission to provide a wholesome solution and not just targeting the physical manifestation of the disease. Here the disease is converted to ease without any discomforts.


Here we try to resolve the human suffering through an integrated approach not by suppressing the symptoms but addressing the issue at the basic causal and cellular level. We believe in the concept of self-healing by using the methods where there is the amalgamation of science and nature.


The treatment is easy, quick, painless, scientific, natural and cost effective. Millions of patients all over the world have benefited from this brilliant therapy over the years. It’s time to experience the same in India with Ozone Therapy Clinic. So, if you have any sort of joint problem (back ache, knee ache, neck ache, ankle problem etc) or muscular problem, we are here to cure you with the magical Ozone Therapy.


We are an orthopedic surgeon who employs this scientific ozone therapy for all musculoskeletal regions of the body. The biggest advantage is that one doesn’t have the side-effects, unlike any other surgical procedures. In this therapy, the patients become partner is decision and treatment process


My only advice to patients is

“always believe in the miracle belief in yourself to self-heal be open to this wonder without doubts and fear have faith and trust in yourself “



We love and believe in the philosophy of regeneration and rejuvenation by nature.


We use the god given modalities as follows for any cartilage, ligament, tendon, bone and neuromuscular conditions. We try to save the original.


  • Oxygen – ozone therapy in different forms
  • Platelet-rich plasma therapy – platelets are the plumber mechanisms of healing and hence we use them in a unique way of cooled platelet injections
  • Stem cell therapy – a multipotential cell used from bone marrow or fat cells



Pain is the number one symptom of the world today and that it influences physical–mental–social–economic paradigm of a human being

  • We love to manage all bone and joint pains, back pain, neuromuscular pain and any chronic pain…
  • We integrate different modalities with counseling to treat the patient as a whole.
  • We don’t treat the disease but we treat the patient.


Joint replacement Though this is our last priority for the absolute indications but the modern science has given exceptionally good result oriented technology in joint surgeries. We use high-quality implants for the joint surgeries. Other services

  • Counseling for obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases etc…


Being an orthopedic surgeon trauma and its management with plasters and surgery is our fascination.